Scorpio Motorbike Riding Boots

Made to Order

The latest design of Scorpio motorbike riding boots with promising extra modified features related to protection from accidental abrasions and cuts on the field, in street or on the road. Made under proper supervision keeping the comfort and safety of the rider in mind.


Scorpio Motorbike Riding Boots

Outer Shell:

  • Full grain leather upper construction for protection and durability of motorbike riding boots.
  • Riding boots have TPU molded guard shields armour at ankle, heel, shin to protect from impacts.
  • Ankle protection and shift plate.
  • Durable microfiber and injected.
  • Innovative air vents at the shin in riding boots.
  • Reinforced, racing sole helps prevent crush injuries.
  • Special high grip sole, oil and petrol resistant with specific grip area.
  • Motorbike riding boots have a dual rubber compound race sole.

Inner Shell:

  • Motorbike riding boots also features Airtech lining, so that your feet can breathe and not sweat.
  • In riding boots lightweight liner is perfect for warm weather riding.

Boots Size Chart

Boots Size Guide



If your measurement stands between two sizes then consider the bigger one best for you.

Product Options

Leather Collection and Moto Speeds understands the ever-changing demands of the fashion and motorsports industry. Hence in respond, came up with the idea of made to order products. Our aim is to facilitate the customers and motorcycle riders of any professional level with maximum product options or pro race options. You can select from some of the most demanding product options. (Desktop View: Right panel of the product page. Mobile View: below product image/short description).

If you want something anything extra to your order, i.e. minor changes in design, change of color, add/remove/modify any sponsor logo, add name/number. You can request that in Additional Order Instructions on the checkout page.

Product Options


Select one of four product options depending on your riding style. You have the freedom to buy the same product as 1 Piece Suit, 2 Piece Suit, Jacket or Pant.


You can get the product either in men's fitting or women's fitting.


Once you select your required fitting, a drop-down size menu will appear below the fitting option to choose the size.

For example, you choose fitting Men, men's size options will appear below the fitting option.

Before selecting the size, please check the size guide to check which size perfectly fits you. Our size charts even with minute details helping surely to choose the exact fit as per your body requirements. You can also contact our support team to find the best fit for you.

If you did not find you fitting in standard sizes, you could select Custom Size and the product will be manufactured as per your given body measurements. Custom size products fit like a glove.

For professional riders, we also provide custom size fitting that provides on track extra safety and comfort.


You are free to choose the best available leather (Cow, Monaco and Kangaroo) to fulfil your riding requirements.

Cowhide Leather

Its tough, durable and abrasion resistance. Mostly trusted by professional and amateur riders for on-track and off-track races.

Selected top grain, drum dyed, with thickness 1.2 mm to 1.3 mm

  • Tearing Strength > 50N
  • Cr(III), Cr (IV) > Nil
  • AZO Dyes > Nil
  • Formaldehyde > Nil

Monaco Leather

The leather prepared with special Monaco treatment that makes it a bit thick and durable than cowhide leather.

1.2 mm to 1.4 mm thick, specially treated cow leather known for its strength and durability.

  • Tearing Strength > 50N
  • Cr(III), Cr (IV) > Nil
  • AZO Dyes > Nil
  • Formaldehyde > Nil

Kangaroo Leather

Lightweight material with excellent strength. The first choice of professional riders for its durability and abrasion resistance.

With a thickness of 0.9-1.0mm, its drum dyed selected top grain.

  • Tearing Strength > 70N
  • Cr(III), Cr (IV) > Nil
  • AZO Dyes > Nil
  • Formaldehyde > Nil

We recommend Cowhide Leather for occasional riders, Monaco Leather for Track racers and Kangaroo Leather professional riders.

Speed Hump

It provides aerodynamics support and spine protection. Also serves the purpose of ventilation and carry performance electronics equipment or hydro bottle. You can select options any option from No Hump, Standard Hump, Ventilated Hump or Hydro Hump.

Standard Hump

Large size hump provides aerodynamic support and spine protection.

Ventilated Hump

Other than aerodynamic support and spine protection ventilated hump let the air passes through to help rider cool and fresh.

Hydro Hump

Hydro hump contains a specific empty area to carry performance electronics equipment or a water bottle during their ride.


You have multiple options to make your race suit vented depending on the weather situation you going to ride. You can have perforated chest, front perforation and full perforation.

Stretch Material

Leather Collection offers Schoeller®-Keprotec stretch material that is used under arms and in the crotch area. It adds stretch and flexibility that helps in movement and keeps the rider comfortable. The fabric also protects against fire and abrasion resistance. You can select from 390gsm or 510gsm fabric. Both the fabrics offer the same characteristic, only the difference in fabric thickness.

This extreme protective fabric was originally developed for motorcycle racing. High-tensile Aramide fibers, such as DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber, ensure high durability as well as temperature stability in combination with a high level of clothing comfort.

  • Highest protective properties
  • Extremely abrasion proof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • High level of comfort.


Removable Lining

You can add a removable lining to your suit, that is easy to detach and fix. The lining is washable; also, you can wash it to feel the freshness of riding each time.

Extra Knee Slider

Ideal for practice, you can add additional knee slider to make your practice session more thrilling and cost compelling.

Matching Gear

We are also offering matching gear (matching gloves and boots) that are manufactured in matching colours to your suit, jacket or pant. Select the gear you want, and it enables the size selection for the gear. Check size guide before selecting the size.

Lining Options (for fashion jackets/coats only)

Leather collection is offering this unique feature to customers to select the jacket lining. You can choose from the no lining, standard lining or Sublimated Lining.

No lining

The jacket will be made without lining. There will be no lining inside the jacket/coat. It makes the jacket lightweight.

Standard Lining

The garment will come with the standard lining, as shown in the product image/product description.

Sublimated lining

This is the most modern and unique feature. You can get any image/design printed on the inside lining.

Reviews 6

Customer Reviews
  1. Scorpio Motorbike Riding Boots
    The latest design of Scorpio motorbike riding boots with promising extra modified features related to protection from accidental abrasions and cuts on the field or on the road. Made under proper supervision keeping the safety of the rider in mind.

    Review by motorbike riding boots

    Posted on

  2. Thanks for the deals
    I'm really shocked at the quality of these boots at the price is selling them for. These would be $229 at any local store. The leather quality is very nice and fit of the boot is excellent. They have to the best looking designed boots I've ever owned. I saw other boots at local store for different range. I just don't get how Leathercollection sells them for such low prices. Thanks for the deals.....

    Review by Lisa

    Posted on

  3. comfortable riding boots
    These are the most comfortable riding boots i have ever had. I was worried since they did not have any wide sizes but they fit awesome. The only hit would be i wish they were about 2 inches shorter, hard to get zipped up with my big calfs. If you have skinny legs they would fit awesome. i would still recomend these boots and i will surely order a nother pair again. I love em!!!):

    Review by Terry

    Posted on

  4. Can't beat the boot
    Can't beat the price, Can't beat the sevice,Can't beat the boot. Excellant material and well build I expect these to last awhile. Ordered 1-2 size larger but when i got them I couldn't get them onso i thought I'd try a different insole and when I removed the ones in the boot low and behold I found two (2) insoles in each boot . Is this normal or was I just the lucky one I don't know So there's a little tip for you if you think the boot is too small check inside there may be an extra in sole But now we got that corrected they fit like white on rice...

    Review by Don

    Posted on

    These are the MOST COMFORTABLE boots I have ever worn in my life. I'm 53 and have had Red Wings, Carolina Boot, Acme and others. The insoles are extremely comforatble. I can wear these boots all day long and into the night and have no issues at all. They run true to size and fit very well. Buy with confidence!

    Review by George

    Posted on

  6. More than my expect
    These Moborbike leather boots are more than my expect. good quality, soft, comfot and main quality that these boots matches with my motorbike pant and jacket. Thank You Very much Regards; Kim Bum

    Review by Kim B.

    Posted on

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